AHF Spotlights Prince Manvendra, Ambassador for AHF India

A royalty has joined AHF’s ranks in the fight against AIDS. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla recently took up the post of AHF Ambassador for India. In this new role he will work to raise AHF’s profile and influence in India, and build support for the 20×20 initiative at the highest levels of government.
He is the first openly gay royal in the world and a man of international renown. Prince Manvendra has made numerous appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the BBC, and has been featured in multiple print publications. His story of triumph after coming out as gay in the face of disapproval from the royal family is the subject of a documentary.
Prince Manvendra is the head of a charitable organization Lakshya Trust, which is dedicated to HIV/AIDS education and prevention among men who have sex with men.
India has the third largest population of people living with HIV, numbering 2.1 million. Discrimination against sexual minorities remains high while many people still don’t have access to HIV treatment. In partnership with the Lakshya Trust and with Prince Manvendra as the newly appointed Ambassador for India, AHF intends to tackle these problems as part of the 20×20 initiative.
We applaud the efforts to connect people living with HIV through awareness, and recognize there is still much work to be done. Through our 20×20 campaign, our goal is to have 20 million HIV+ people around the world on treatment by the year 2020.