Global AIDS Control at 2020: will you help?

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One of the driving goals of 20×20 is to scale up access to affordable treatment for at least 20 million people around the world by 2020. 
The benefits of treatment are clear: when HIV positive people are consistently on antiretroviral therapy (ART), they live longer, healthier lives and are 96% less likely to pass the virus to someone else. That’s why scaling up to 20×20 is essential for achieving Global AIDS Control.  
Currently only 34% of all HIV positive people are on ART. If we achieve 20×20, over 50% of HIV positive people will be on treatment. This will avert many new infections and deaths, and will bring us closer to the Global AIDS Control, when more people are accessing treatment than are getting infected with HIV. 
Contribute your voice: join the global 20×20 campaign to advocate for scale-up of treatment for millions around the world!